This site draws from the personal experience of two women teaming up across racial lines and from Attorney General Eric Holder's speech on race: "Though the nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards." Holder speaks prophetically and one way we can respond to this cowardice is teaming up in business--joining hands across racial lines.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looking for Stories. . . .

If you have teamed up in business across racial lines, we would like to hear your story. I'm the author of 17 books and dozens of articles. Tell us about your partnership.

Please Stop by Carlton Garden at 3140 Breton Road, 3 blocks south of 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Billie Suber and I (Ruth Tucker) have teamed up in retail business and we would like to promote other such establishments. Here is what you will see as you drive south on Breton.
Carlton Gardens has been my struggling business for nearly 13 years, during which six of those years I was teaching full-time. Then last year Billie joined me with her wonderful American-made---and very reasonably priced---clothing line. It's a perfect match. For a look at her fashion line click on The Immediate Resource.

Everyone who comes into Carlton Gardens comments that it is so much bigger than they had imagined. The store features a spacious 3-season, 3-room deck as you enter. The "inside" store consists of 4 main rooms as well as nooks and crannies--and wonderful places to poke around. There are several out-buildings and gazebos, including our barn, Christmas House, potting shed, and outhouse. All in all its a fun place to come with friends or to wander through alone.

Here is Billie. Her good-natured optimism and laughter permeate the atmosphere of every nook and crannie. My husband said the other day that she is the most cheerful person he's ever been around. She didn't want me to take this photo--probably suspecting that I have no capabilities with a camera. She's right. My efforts with lighting leave a lot to be desired.

Billie offers a wide range of fashions of all sizes. Her spring line is colorful and carefree, but she focuses primarily on more traditional wear for Sunday best, work, and leisure. She has an eye for unique fashions that are perfect for almost any occasion. She also carries a line of African fashions--particularly for ladies whose church features a regular African fashion Sunday. Here are examples of styles we feature: